All Things Must Come to an End

Hey all!

I wanted to let everyone know that the blog will be going in archive/long hiatus come the end of the month. We’ve realized as a whole that our inspiration for new material is dwindling, in addition to the extra time & money it takes. It is possible that down the road, there may be a decision to come back and revive it, but for the foreseeable future it was remain in archive mode.

I’m moving everything over to WordPress, so all past posts will still be accessible. I will keep the domain name alive so it can redirect, but don’t be scared/shocked when you see it go to wordpress url.

This archival is only for the blog. The FB will remain open.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank everyone who has shown love and support for this site over the past 7 years. When I came up with this idea in late 2014, I had no idea that it would become what it has become. I appreciate all of you who decided TSU was a valuable resource.

I would be remiss not to extend my eternal gratefulness to all the past and current co-bloggers! I could have never done this without you & while there are too many to thank individually, know you all had a hand in making TSU what it is today.

Thank you all again!
Andrea (and the TSU Team)

2 responses to “All Things Must Come to an End”

  1. Thank you to all who have contributed! This has been a great site! It is truly a wonderful resource! Glad it will still be alive in WordPress. Thank you again!


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