My Favorite Resources

Hi all, as next in the roundup I’m going to share a few resources I frequently use that make my job a lot easier.

  1. Teachers Pay Teachers – I first found this resource when I was in college as an education student but all these years later and I still use it. There is a ton of great, free stuff on this website ranging from coloring pages to arts and crafts, to STEAM projects, etc. There is also all sorts of library stuff, which is especially helpful for school librarians. I’m in public libraries but still make regular use of this website. Thank you to all the wonderful contributors of that site.
  2. Canva – I’m sure everyone knows what canva is by now since it’s become the site to use for simple graphic design for those of us who don’t do graphic design. I love it and I’ll say is this – if you can afford the pro version or get your library to pay for it, do it. It’s well worth the money. I use Canva almost every single day at work. I use to make simple signs, to make posters, to making our youth services program calendars. Canva is my best friend.
  3. Fantastic Fiction – This is the go-to site in my library for looking up authors, books, and what comes next in a series. We have it bookmarked on all our staff computers and it’s pretty easy to navigate. It’s also great to look up what new books are coming out for certain authors when patrons are asking.

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