Meet the TSU Agent: Pam

What’s your favorite type of library program?


I really enjoy art programs. It’s fun, but it’s also therapeutic and doesn’t take much to keep going once you do the initial outlay for materials. In fact, I am de-stressing by listening to Bob Ross right now. #happylittletrees

Why do you enjoy working with teens?


Adults don’t give them enough credit for their ideas and thoughts, and I’m often impressed by how perceptive they are. At the same time, they still need protection and support and someone who will listen to them and believe them and help them out.

What kinds of things do you do when you’re not at work?


I do weight lifting and Pilates. Because I have Celiac, I have to make almost all of my own food, so I spend a lot of time cooking. When I have the time and the means, I love traveling. I used to read and blog a lot more than I do now (blog is Pamelibrarian), though whether that’s a result of my schedule change or my interests changing, I’m not sure.

Craziest thing you’ve done as a teen librarian?


Sung a duet with a coworker of “Bohemian Rhapsody” at a lock-in. The teens were mildly horrified.

If you suddenly had extra money in your budget to buy one thing you’ve always wanted for your teens/library, what would it be?


Cripes, one thing I’ve always wanted? An author visit from someone like Marissa Meyer or Cassandra Clare–the teens would die.


What is something you struggle with the most?


I often feel like I”m not doing enough, whether that’s programming or RA or outreach. But my current job is not teen librarian–I’m a circulation manager who happens to do a teen program now and then. But I pressure myself into doing more than I need or really should.


If you could build your dream teen area what would it look like?


It would be far, far away from the adults. Enclosed, but well-ventilated (a must in the summer!). I despise extremely bright colors in teen spaces because I think it can look dated extremely quickly, so I suppose it would be more monochromatic? It would have a quiet study area and a loud gaming area. When I visited the Indianapolis Public Library, they had these very cool pod chairs, which look uncomfortable but which are actually quite cozy. And my dream area would be brimming with display areas. I love making displays!


If you have a desk do you decorate/what does it look like?


All of my Funko Pops live at work with me. They’re almost all Star Wars ones, and I’ll rearrange them into little battle formations periodically. Otherwise, my desk/cubicle isn’t really decorated unless you count being smothered in books, papers, tote bags (so many of them), craft samples, and office supplies “decoration.”


Famous authors/people you’ve met?


For authors:
Holly Black, Libba Bray (finally this year at YALLFEST I AM STILL EXCITED!), Angie Thomas (SEE FIRST PARENTHETICAL NOTE I AM HYPERVENTILATING), John Green, Veronica Roth, Gene Luen Yang, Tamora Pierce.


For other people: Jim Gaffigan and Ashley Eckstein.

If you had to work in a department other than teen, what would it be and why?


Collection development. In library school, I originally focused on cataloging and information organization. It would be a nice counterpoint to front-line service.

What was the first YA book you remember reading?


Probably Beauty by Robin McKinley. I read that and Spindle’s End and Rose Daughter when I was about eleven, and then I abandoned YA because I thought it wasn’t “real literature.” Ugh, I was a snob! When I was 21 I picked up The Hunger Games and fell back into YA.

If you could have a fictional pet/fantasy animal, what would it be?


A Companion from Mercedes’ Lackey’s Valdemar books. Although I wouldn’t really own it–we’d be partners.


And I would have to have Mindspeech.


What’s your Oreo preference?


Double-stuf! I haven’t had any of the flavors since Oreos aren’t gluten free. I have tried the peppermint Joe-Joe’s from Trader Joe’s, however, and they are quite good.


Your dream vacation?

An east-to-west tour of Europe by train.


Coffee or tea?




Cat or dog?


Dog! I do like cats, but I discovered this year that I am allergic. Thank you, aging immune system. I have two beagles back home but no doggos at my new place (yet!).

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